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Rebecca began her journey into healing and mediumship from a young age as a little girl who was always aware of the spirit world, yet never really understood her true potential as a psychic, medium or healer until her father passed away in 2016, when she was 24 years old.


Rebecca was always aware that she had this ability to predict future events, and somehow understand what people were thinking and feeling. The death of her father became a catalyst for awakening a deeper awareness of the spirit world for Rebecca as well as her healing abilities. 


She later realised she was actually channelling messages using different forms of mediumship communication and was naturally drawn to holding peoples hands through times of sickness. After experiencing health conditions of her own, Rebecca started to make outstanding improvements in her mental and physical health, which people started to ask questions about and consultants unable to explain...


Through Rebecca's own healing journey, she noticed her hands started to become hot in the palms and noticed her gifts becoming more clear. One day, she started to see chakras behind her closed eyes so brightly that she was curious to find out more. Rebecca found herself led to different circles and trainings that were a safe place to develop her spiritual gifts. 

Rebecca sat as a sitter with a few different readers who all told her the same thing, that she too would offer readings, healing and spiritual guidance for the highest good of all. 


Her spiritual path began to unravel as she became more aware of her purpose, the more that she healed. Rebecca decided she wanted to be able to share her story and her gifts with others.


After years of developing her gifts at Reiki-meditation, London Reiki Academy, College of Psychic Studies and SAGB, Rebecca is able to share her gifts with you with healing sessions and  mediumship readings. 


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