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Healing with Rebecca Jane

Who can benefit from healing?

-Anyone and Everyone,


Regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, religious or spiritual beliefs or none at all.

Why use healing therapies?

-Holistic therapies are non-invasive & work in harmony with the Mind, Body & Soul as a whole. 

-No harm can be done, nor can any condition be made worse.

-Works with western/conventional therapies and prescribed medicines without any interference as a complementary therapy.

-Targets the root cause of issues to relieve associated symptoms.

-Helps to realign people back to their true authentic self.

-Aids towards raising your vibration and realigning you with your spiritual path.

Reiki Essential (Online)

The Reiki Essential Online is 30 minutes of a relaxing and therapeutic session, working with all chakra positions from head to feet.

You can make requests for specific areas (i.e. back ache, headache, depression).

This session is ideal to clear blockages from the Mind, Body & Soul for balance and harmony.

30 mins-£30

Reiki Fully Body (Online)

What can healing help with?

-Over-active minds


-Increasing a sense of well-being



-Releasing fear based thoughts, emotions & patterns

-Releasing money blocks

-Releasing creative blocks

-Increased intuition 

-Physical health issues

-Muscle pains and injuries

-Releasing trauma & Karma

-Re-discovering your authentic self

-Spiritual progression

-Clearing your mind, body and soul from toxins-internal and external

-Better sleep

-Hormal Health

-Releasing your ego

-& so much more!

The Reiki Full Body Online is a 60 minute full body Reiki session. This is ideal to spend longer on the main 7 chakra points to go deeper into relaxation, clearing and reach into more layers of healing. This session will cover both front and back.

This session will go deeper, which is recommended for health issues, diagnoses that would benefit from this depth.

60 mins-£60

To book a healing, Contact Here

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