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Readings With Rebecca Jane

Rebecca has a range of abilities that she is able to bring into the reading. She uses her clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairlience and intuition to sense the energy of the sitter and brings through information from the spirit world. The information from spirit can be a loved one or a spirit guide to provide evidence of loved ones in the spirit world, as well as a message of guidance/and or love from spirit.

Rebecca is a highly psychic person and begins readings by sensing the colours of the energy around the sitter that is shown to Rebecca through her third eye. This energy creates a bridge to spirit where Rebecca can retrieve guidance from spirit, whether that be a spirit guide, the angels or a loved one, to bring this loving energy and messages to the sitter as a medium.

Rebecca works with only loving and high vibrational energy. Therefore, the guidance and messages brought through are for the highest good of the sitter.

Rebecca is gentle, kind and non-judgemental so if you are a highly sensitive person like Rebecca you can ensure you are in gentle hands.

Note: Messages from spirit in readings will inform the sitter what they need to know at this time rather than what they want to know.

One-one Reading- £30 for 30 mins

To book please Contact Here

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